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Racial Profiling & Discriminatory Medical Practices, as well as the "invention" of psychiatry [to control the population and Vox Populi of the population; using fear tactics as well as luring with intent to entrap] in Canada: Today!

Including: MAiD & SARS I & SARS II & EBOLA the true story & Raising & Losing Family & 110 years of Biological Warfare & Christianity In Canada

Michael Garbutt immigrated to Canada as a Journeyman, nowadays termed JourneyPerson Automotive Mechanic as well as The Guinness Trophy from College for Graduating as the most proficient, final year craft student.

Then Mike served for 40 years in Monogamy as a responsible and accountable parent & partner, and worked in Canada's Healthcare system for 30+ years, during which time he earned 3 Medical Science degrees and 4 diplomas in Automotive Mechanics and Medical Laboratory Sciences, where he once again, won the most proficient student graduating in the final year practicing medical laboratory science.

If if wasn't for Racial Discrimination in Healthcare & everywhere else, including The Police & Justice system, Mike would still be working in Medical Sciences. Instead, "Someone" or "Group" has forced Mike into poverty & Mike has been Arrested & Physically & Chemically Incarcerated 6 times for NO reason, & Mike lives under the threat of Indefinite Physical & Chemical Incarceration by the Police EVAERY DAY.

Sad ending to the Canadian Adventure, eh?

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The Science Behind Survival And Replication Syndrome (SARS)

Assembly and secretion of rubella virus-like particles in mammalian cells - Michael Garbutt's M.Sc. Thesis

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