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Mike Garbutt immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom in his mid 20's, and shortly afterwards met a young woman, fell in love and married. Mike spent the next 39 years of his life in a monogamous relationship as a responsible and accountable husband and father of one Son. Mike worked for most of his life, and saved enough money so as to be able to afford 12+ years of post-secondary education in Automotive Technology and Healthcare, where he spent 35 years either as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, a Medical Researcher, where he helped develop an efficacious EBOLA vaccine that's saved hundreds of thousand of lives in the DRC, and as a palliative care musician amid vulnerable people with limited functional capacities. Plus, Mike served the community for 22 years playing host on the Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) which nowadays has a facebook page sharing local Winnipeg music videos.

The Science Behind Survival And Replication Syndrome (SARS)

Assembly and secretion of rubella virus-like particles in mammalian cells - Michael Garbutt's M.Sc. Thesis

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