I Wish For You Too Ⓒ Mike Garbutt

Do you feel like life is breaking you in two
Do you feel like there is nothing you can do
Do you lie awake at night, wishing everything would be all right
Do you wish that your dreams would come true

Do you wish you had a friend you could rely on
Would you like to find a shoulder you can cry on
Would you like to leave behind all the folks who have been so unkind
Would you like to let bygones be bygones.

I would too, I would too, I wish for you everything you do

There'll be times when your world will fall apart
There'll be no one there to mend your broken heart
But when all is said and done, and there is no one for you to run from
It'll be time to make another start

Leave your worries and your troubles to themselves
Give your body and your soul a chance to mend
When you look up to the sky, let the stars see you smile
Breathe the air that heaven sends

I will too, I will too, I wish for you everything you do

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