Victoria Ⓒ Mike Garbutt

Sitting by the ocean on a beautiful, sunny afternoon
Watching older people walk on by, holding hands
The seagulls and the daffodils, as common as the breath of life itself
Let Mother Nature pick you up, dust you off, and put you back on the shelf.

Stop and see the Walrus, the Seaweed and the Gasoline float by
Leave behind the city streets, Soho nights, a Mother's pleading cries
Her children growing up, to become what she has led them to believe in
Just do your best, try to do things right, if you miss your chance you may be a long time grieving.

The sea mist on the horizon, behind the trawler, bringing home its catch
Covers many Island beaches, the sands of which are waiting for your footsteps
And it you go through the forrest, the green fields, and last, the clear-cut meadows
You can see from Point Carmanah a glimpse of Heaven; its as close as I have ever been.

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