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Website Development, Administration and Hosting ~ by virtue of BYTES4U

If you would like to collaborate on a "Creative Arts" project, as I'm calling them these days, or if you simply need an alternative Domain Host from all the thousands of others out there for your music/video/creative art project, then please consider "Mike Garbutt ~ Singer ~ Songwriter ~ guitarist ~ pianist ~ creative arts" as well as "bytes4u" to meet those needs of Web Developer and Domain Administrator to help you modulate that shift into today's world of social media as far as I can. Plus, you get your own secure PayPal transaction button for all your financial transactions. How cool is that?

Music Lessons ~ by virtue of BYTES4U

If you or someone you know is interested in introductory music lessons in Guitar, Voice or Piano, then please refer to the following links to learn more about Michael (Mike) Garbutt, -AKA- Riff Vandal, then contact me and we'll work out a deal. Take care ~

You can find out more about me at any time by following any or all of these links before we begin a collaboration, or you can simply jump right in and take a chance, its up to you to decide?

1. Mike Garbutt ~ Facebook ~AKA~ Riff Vandal ~

2. Mike Garbutt ~ Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Guitarist ~ Pianist ~

3. BYTES4U.CA ~ Facebook

4. Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) ~ Facebook Ranked #1 out of over 50 million musicians networks world wide according to the google search engine ~

5. bytes4u.ca Michael (Mike) Garbutt, at home on the Prairie ~ Philosophy and Life ~

Please feel free to listen to the music at the following URL for anything you feel you may wish to collaborate on ~

Michael (Mike) Garbutt's Original Compositions

As well, this rough web page that you are reading at present, can be filled with your extended story also in this format, pretty much at an entry level cost ~

Website Development ~ Domain Administration ~ Domain Hosting

And finally, here is a Big Brothers Big Sisters video where I play the guitar.

The difference you can make #getinthegame

Posted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg on Monday, February 2, 2015

Please become a Big Brother or Big Sister in your neighbourhood today.

Take care ~ Riff Vandal

Please contact Michael (Mike) Garbutt ~AKA~ Riff Vandal at: riffvandal@mts.net for information on further use of this song in videos, movies, advertising slogans, or even Web Site Development and Administration and the like, or simply help support Mike by making a PayPal donation today after you download this song for your personal music collection if you wish, thank you.

Thank you ~ Mike

Credits: Photographs by virtue of Reed Oslund. Additional instruments by virtue of Ernie Kull. Bass Guitar, Audio Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering and Rendering, Craig Bennett and Babylon Falls. Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Sampling, Audio Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering, Rendering, Website Development and Hosting ~ Michael (Mike) Garbutt and BYTES4U ~AKA~ Riff Vandal at: riffvandal@mts.net