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The Heart of SARS (Survival And Replication Syndrome)

"The Heart of SARS" updated April 1st, 2018.

Lead by example, follow with respect . . .

Heart of SARS pdf

1. Upon reflection, it appears to me that we emerge into life within the confines of a photon bilayer, sensate with our inner and outer oculars, as nucleic acid based organisms (NABO's).
2. We consume other nucleic acid based organisms to survive, and replicate.
3. We suffer the pain associated with accountable living and suffer the pain associated with responsible parenting because of the effects of survival and replication syndrome (SARS = survival and replication syndrome).
4. There are three types of fear only, fear of hunters, fear of being ourselves, and fear of loosing privileges.
5. Truth is.
6. Money talks.
7. Life is its own reward.
8. There is no time like the present.
9. Listen with empathy, act with grace.
10. Be yourself free yourself, be sensible be safe, its your call.
11. Forgiveness: First accept forgiveness, then pass it on.
12. Honor thy Father and thy Mother.
13. Life is the breath of God, and the mirror of illusion reflects us all, so far.
14. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if God won't take you, the Devil must.
15. The further we climb up the Ivory Tower, the closer to the septic tank we find ourselves.
16. The pen is mightier than the sword, never surrender your ink.
17. Wake up Canada, defend Democracy.
18. Evolution: Is always changing.
19. If you can help someone along the way, then your life will not have been in vain.
20. We are community, emerging in the spirit of the moment and the equation for global community = k/x (knowledge / population).
21. How on Earth everything got started is still a mystery.
22. Adopt an attitude until it becomes a habit, and with a bit of work and a bit of luck, a person may develop a new way of life.
23. Death Before Dishonor.
24. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour, its so yesterday.
25. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
26. What God has joined together, no Man will tear asunder.
27. You've got to keep the Devil down in the hole (see below for Authors credit).
28. Don't give up.
29. Music paints all paths the same colour and all colours the same path.
30. The Art of Reconciliation: First, people air their differences with intelligent freedom upon an issue they've identified. Then as many people involved with the issue as possible try to sort out a consensus, or reconciliation, if possible, under the circumstances. Once a consensus or reconciliation is formed upon the issue, by as many people involved with the issue as possible under the circumstances, the 'Affects' of the consensus are Policed (somehow) for Good, Bad or Ugly 'Effects' that emerge as a result of the reconciliation, and a determination is made upon how to correct the ugly effects moving ahead.
31. The Art of Love: First you take her, then you hold her.

As nucleic acid based organisms (NABOs), we are probably controlled by fear, which takes on three forms only.

1. Fear of being caught by hunters or predators.

2. Fear of being ourselves (scout).

3. Fear of losing our privileges for doing something considered naughty (bait or catch).

Variations and permutations of the HSBC (hunter, scout, bait, catch) forms abound on a daily basis in society, but in a nut-shell there are only these forms of fear. The plants, animals and the remainder of mankind are probably going through the same adaptive processes with the world they find themselves in as we are?

For Olive Garbutt (my mother), for Canada - The equation for global community: k/x

Let "x" = the number of nucleic acid based organisms on the surface of the Earth at this precise moment in time.

Let "k' = the cumulative knowledge from all time, gathered from the lives of all nucleic acid based organisms, what they were taught, what they learned through experience, and how they would prefer their legacy to be engraved on mankind's final tombstone.

Then: Community = k/x

From a song by Manitoba Hal Brolund

When you walk with Jesus
He's gonna save your soul
You've got to keep the devil
Down in the hole.

SARS or Survival and Replication Syndrome is the pain of life associated with accountable living and responsible parenting. In a nut-shell, we only ever have three relationships in our lives, so to speak.

1. The relationship we have with ourselves, from birth to death, our own personal moral compass or comportment that we develop on the road to self determination and intelligent freedom?

2. The relationships we have with our family, which changes depending upon how our family changes from birth to death, as well as the definition of family, and that appears to be variable, as evident in the World today, in my opinion.

3. The relationship we have with our environment, and how that changes from birth to death too, and that has changed big time, trust me ; )

Its always mixed up and changing all the way along, but basically we only ever have three relationships in life.

Sadly, many people prefer "sameness," probably because they can only remember so much? Something I was surprised to learn? And that's why we have ordered, structured societies and whatnot.

Multiculturalism throws a "spanner in the works" so to speak with all that. How? Because we can't remember what is the appropriate way to treat 7,000,000,000 people personally with kindness.

The relationship we have with ourselves during life is determined by what we learn, our capacity for learning, our opportunity to learn, and how we incorporate these learning experiences, both practical and text book, into our action at the moment. This goes on each day as we rise to the outer orbital of our evolutionary expectation in the corona of creation, or the perimeter of the Big Bang, or whatever you call the life you're living.

The relationship we have with our environment is one of conflict, as we try to "be" ourselves, in a world that is trying to consume us basically. We can only control how we respond to the environment, and for the most part our responses are three fold:

1. Acceptance

2. Veto

3. Compromise

The relationship we have with our family changes as our family members change over time. As with the environment, the relationship we have with our family is one of conflict, as we try to "be" ourselves among a family environment that is trying to get us to adapt to normal family behaviour in an ever changing dynamic world, pretty much. Our responses to family conflict are once again three fold:

1. Acceptance

2. Veto

3. Compromise

That brings us back to with the relationship we have with ourselves. "How do we, need to be?" so to speak. What is appropriate behaviour, right now, today, and how will we learn how to live among 7,000,000,000 Internet connected souls, in real-time with kindness?

And that's your problem for today. It'll be 10,000,000,000 Internet souls soon too...

Manitoba's Health Care System needs an upgrade in my opinion, but hey, what do I know? Better check these numbers yourself.

The Riff Vandals have donated over $10,000,000 worth of time into Winnipeg as volunteers. Here's how we did it.

On any given Sunday over the past decade or so, The Riff Vandals saved the Province of Manitoba about $10,000 by making 50 people smile for free, whereas a psychologist or psychiatrist billing the Province $200 per hour, probably takes 10 weeks to get one smile?

Go figure, when some community health care workers don't even consider psychology and psychiatry employing crude and brutal gaslighting techniques is medicine at all (Health Care Ethics - A Catholic Theological Analysis - 2nd Edition 1982).

So, after I do all that, I see a corrupt system, starting with Doctors either employed by the Province who shouldn't be, or Doctors over-billing the Province who shouldn't even be practicing, in a nut shell? But hey, what do you think?

Have a safe SARS day, the Riff Vandal

So how about a little Truth and Reconciliation at the Cultural Intersectionality?

Democracy, in 69 words:

1. People air their thoughts with intelligent freedom upon issues.

2. A consensus or reconciliation is formed upon the issue by as many people involved with the issue as possible under the circumstances.

3. The 'Affects' of the consensus are Policed (somehow) for Good, Bad or Ugly 'Effects' that emerge in society as a result of the reconciliation, and a determination is made upon how to correct the ugly effects moving ahead.

Truth and Reconciliation is mandatory:

1. Use your best language to tell the truth with clarity.
2. Stand by your word.
3. By any fair and impartial way, corroborate your hypothesis with 'chain of custody' evidence.
4. Enjoy life, its that simple.

Move ahead using the 4-Step Rule:

1. Formulate a hypothesis (a tentative idea or explanation).
2. Test the hypothesis using observation or experimentation.
3. Based on the results, revise the hypothesis and repeat.
4. Continue until the data are in agreement with the hypothesis.

While all the time being cautious that there is no flawed, or corrupt evidence in the chain of custody or provenance, something's origin.

The move ahead something like this:

By the way, homosexuality is probably a NABO's innate response to the environment, consistent with the bodies instincts to strive for nutrition and replication, in my humble opinion. How we come to terms with the situation, today, is beyond me, but live and let live works for me, and I think it'll all work out once everyone gets into the swings of things, so to speak.

And remember also, music is the resonance of molecular dust, and is tattooed like breath to air, painting all paths the same colour and all colours the same path, and maybe its time we all said our prayers on the path to truth and reconciliation.

Stop Feeling Guilty for Being Human - Michael Garbutt, performed by the Riff Vandals

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