Some Poems, Song Lyrics and Off the Wall Notes

I wish for you too - Mike Garbutt

Do you feel like life is breaking you in two
Do you feel like there is nothing you can do
Do you lie awake at night, wishing everything would be all right
Do you wish that your dreams would come true

Do you wish you had a friend you could rely on
Would you like to find a shoulder you can cry on
Would you like to leave behind all the folks who were so unkind
Would you like to let bygones be bygones

I would too, I would too
I wish for you everything you do

There'll be times when your world will fall apart
There'll be no one there to mend your broken heart
But when all is said and done, and there is no one for you to run from
It'll be time to make another start

Leave your worries and your troubles to themselves
Give your body and your soul a chance to mend
Wipe the tears from your eyes, turn your head towards the sky
Breathe the air that heaven sends

and I will too, I will too
I wish for you everything you do

If you could just see me now - Mike Garbutt

Mother I tried so hard
to be all that I could be
I even tried to do some things
that just didn't work for me
I've got through my growing pains
I've become so strong
And though I try to do things right
some things will still go wrong.

If you could just see me now

Mother you did so much for me
I'd like to do something for you
And for everyone who believed in my
I'd like to do something for you too
Though we all live in different worlds
our ties are just as strong
To each and everyone of you
I'd like to dedicate this song.

If you could just see me now

Mother you gave to me the greatest gift
that I will ever posses
And all the words you had to say
they are all that I have left
And as I sing this song for you
the memories run through my mind
Of the day that we sat by the fire
just passing time

If you could just see me now

Nurses Eulogy - Author Unknown

You have the right to tread so softly
Beside a couch of pain
To smooth with loving fingers
Those tangled locks again
To kneel beside the dying
In the small hours of the night
And to whisper a righteous blessing
As the spirit takes its flight

2004 Mike Garbutt. All Rights Reserved.

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