What is a Project Plan

How to save the world using advanced technology? Sounds like we have a project in the works, I guess we need a project plan? What are the goals, what will be the predictable outcomes? Who will pay the bills? How will we know if we are making progress? How will we know if we are going in the right direction? Tough questions, someone has to answer them I guess?

A project begins with an idea, for example, "I'd like something to drink?"

The Mission Statement would be the title of the project, representing the project goal, purpose, and outcome. The goal is to consume a drink, presumably to quench thirst, and the outcome will be a quenched thirst.

Other elements of the project include brainstorming, for example, what ingredients will be required to complete the project? The completion of the brainstorming will be the attainment of the first milestone. Assembling the ingredients in the ratios that are optimum for successful outcome, in other words, between the time a person collects all the ingredients and puts the vessel holding the drink to their lips, we call the work. Completion of the work is the completion of the second part of the project, and the milestone attained. The time will vary depending upon what kind of drink was used to quench thirst. The goal, in our example consuming the drink, will be the final milestone. An assessment of the project is determined when satisfaction from the drink is attained. If satisfaction can not be determined then accommodations are required, until the gaps between the expected outcome and the actual outcome are accounted for. Several repeats of the project may be required until a satisfying drink is attained. Once satisfaction is attained the process can be recorded and used as a guideline for others wishing to satisfy the thirst with a similar drink.

Ask people for comments just in case you've missed something, work without peer review is more difficult to sell in the market place.

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