The Equation for Global Community

Walk like Jesus, think like Joseph, for the endeavour in the unknown is to discover what we're made of at all times...

In my opinion, God is Everything, and we nucleic acid based organisms emerged into the Universe when the first nucleic acid emerged from the quantum depths of our atomic soul, up a depth or more on the Planck scale from smaller Qubits and whatnot, and Life as we know it will cease when the last nucleic acid based organism dies.

I've determined "The Equation For Global Community" to be "k/x" and I dedicate The Equation For Global Community, "k/x" to Olive Garbutt, the only mother I've ever known.

Let "x" = the number of nucleic acid based organisms on the surface of the Earth at this precise moment in time.

Let "k' = the cumulative knowledge from all time, gathered from the lives of all nucleic acid based organisms, what they were taught, what they learned through experience, and how they would prefer their / our legacy to be engraved on mankind's final tombstone.

Then: Global Community = k/x

Every nucleic acid based organism can be thought of as "Jesus-like phenotypes," so think kindness because its full catastrophe living at a cultural intersectionality, ready or not ; )

From the Quantum depths of our atomic souls to the Overt level.