The Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) is broadcasting Local music today

The Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) began serving local musicians in 1998, and is now broadcasting local Winnipeg music from

The easiest way to share your music is to like The Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) on facebook and / or become friends with The Riff Vandal on facebook or email a link to your music file to (this email address is not a clickable link, you will have to type the email address into your email application).

You will find the links to Local music in the Left menu bar, enjoy.

Some links for Musicians Seeking Musicians:

MusoList Winnipeg musicians classifieds Winnipeg and Manitoba musicians classifieds on Bandmix.

Kijiji Artists & musicians in Winnipeg Winnipeg musicians classifieds on Kijiji

Craigslist Classifieds Winnipeg musicians classifieds on Craigslist.

THE MUSICIAN'S ONLINE DATABASE EXCHANGE contains free classifieds for musicians in Canada, the USA and the rest of the world. Probably the best classifieds page on-line for musicians seeking musicians.

Additional links for musicians:


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I have some blogs too, both active and in need of repair lol:

Serving Winnipeg since 1998, Email for more information.

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