Quantum Perspective - In a Nut-shell

Taxonomy (biology) sorts life from the overt level, outside looking in or "top down" sort of, see below.

Quantum perspective is sort of the opposite view of life from the inside out, see below.

From the Quantum depths of our atomic souls to the Overt level.

Quanta and Waves meet Rock and Roll

In summary, throwing in some electromagnetic waves with the quanta, we get this compilation, so to speak, of quanta and waves or, Rock and Roll, and Rock and Roll is only in peril if we let it be, in my opinion?

Our 'eyes' as we call them, only 'appear' as 'eyes' at the 'overt' level of the logarithmic scale. At regions 'deeper' to the overt level, our eyes take on a different appearance to eyes.

However, as we can still see deeper into the logarithmic scale of life with our 'eyes' using modern day technology, we observe that we appear differently as we explore deeper on the logarithmic scale heading beyond reductionism towards the Planck scale.

What this tells us is that WE only appear to 'exist' at the overt level, and this existence is determined using our eyes, as well as our other senses, and that information is sensibly interpreted with a view to surviving and replicating in a homeostatic symbiosis of quanta and waves, or Rock and Roll at the overt level ; )

Note: the 'overt' level appears at '10^0 m' using the image file below.

Note2: I think we all understand waves? And we've all heard enough about quanta to last a lifetime I'm sure, lol.

Then we can confirm some of our suspicions by viewing the reductionism image file. How it all gets going is a mystery to me, but its going, see below.

Is There Anything Beyond Reductionism?

So, lets explain what life appears to be.

Here is my hypothesis of how life begins, using this image file I've reemployed from Harvard Medical School, where bacteria plated out at the right and left edges of the 'image file' have to work their way through 3, tenfold increases in antibiotic, so's to be able to survive in a medium harbouring 1000 times a typically lethal does of antibiotic, at the centre of the plate, as well as all territories where the antibiotic has been eradicate.

So, for our purposes I'd like you to imagine the Planck scale starts at left and the right sides of the image file below, as quanta and waves.

At each 'glass ceiling' 'barrier' or 'threshold,' (or where the bacteria have to find a way to overcome the antibiotic) the inception of an apparently new phenomena with other properties emerges, and this goes on 37 times approximately to get to us, as we appear at the overt level.

In my view, that looks like a tough job? And that goes on for every nucleic acid based organism, at all times I'd say?

Or we can think of ourselves and all NABOs are kind of like the vipers tongues on the Medusa head. The heads are separated from one another by distance at the tongues. The tails attach to the surface of the head, then we switch perspectives from distance to depth, and voyage way down to the core of the Medusa head to the 10^-37 range on the Planck scale, see below.

Perseus holding Medusa's Head

Anyway, I'm trying my best to teach you what I know because its all true. Please let me know if you can understand what I'm saying, and please become a Riff Vandal? Have you seen how much some of those other guys are getting paid? Yikes!

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