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For the past 20 years while participating on the fringes of Winnipeg's music scene, and following up on some ideas that emerged in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, I not only created the now redundant Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) for the Winnipeg music scene, the top ranked Musicians Network web site in the world, lol, but I also managed to volunteer as a musician for over 10 years, in nursing homes and whatnot. Along with the Riff Vandals, I have performed almost 1000 gigs; and we probably saved the Province of Manitoba nearly $10,000,000 in time to boot. Yikes! An old "set list" of the tunes that seemed to work for us is posted for your info.

Of late, I've begun to write a thesis "The Heart Of SARS / Moral Compass for Ordinary People" with a hope of proving, one way or another, that "Life is the Art of God, and the mirror of illusion reflects us all so far," so to speak?

Also, please feel free to download the tunes you find by following the "Music With Mike / Songs and Lyrics" link on this web site, they are released under a creative commons agreement. However, please contact me first if you would like to record them for profit.

I have facebook and myspace accounts too.

I look forward to seeing you soon, Take care, Mike -AKA- Riff Vandal.

For bookings please contact me at: