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Welcome to another day of full catastrophe living, confusion and reconciliation in the city of cultural diversity, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Hi, I'm Mike Garbutt, a recently retired biologist from Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory. I'm proud to say I worked in the BSL4, instructing students and visiting scientists how to work in a controlled environment, and along with Heinz Feldmann performed the first experiments proving the efficacy of the Ebola vaccine, VSV-EBOV.

I have previously worked as a Molecular Virologist, Medical Laboratory Scientist and an Automotive Mechanic, and my Masters thesis, "Assembly and secretion of rubella virus-like particles in mammalian cells - 1997" can be downloaded from the University of Alberta at the following link: http://hdl.handle.net/10402/era.3258 and a list of my publications can be viewed in pdf format here: Mike Garbutt's Publications

As of late, I've begun to write a "Moral Compass for Ordinary People" with a hope of proving, one way or another, that "Life is the Art of God, and the mirror of illusion reflects us all so far."

Being creative in the modern age isn't easy, but let me tell you, if a person can't be creative in Winnipeg, then they can be creative somewhere else. However, the cultural melting pot that is Winnipeg and the changes and challenges that life in the modern age will present, have no better circumstance to find accord than Winnipeg. There is no bottom and there is no top to the unequal distribution of wealth that is notable in most Western economies, mind you, this doesn't prevent people from getting along; sadly we are the murder capital of Canada, sigh.

I've been interested in music all my life, and in 1998 I followed up on an idea a friend of mine from Calgary introduced me to, and so introduced the Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) to the Winnipeg music scene, and continue to maintain one of the top ranked Musicians Networks in the world, lol.

I've been volunteering a lot as a musician too. I've performed almost 1000 gigs, and probably saved the Province of Manitoba nearly $10,000,000 in time. Yikes!

Please feel free to download the tunes you find on this web site for your own enjoyment. They are released under a creative commons agreement, so please contact me first if you would like to record them. I have facebook and myspace accounts too. I look forward to seeing you soon, you can check out my resume at: http://www.skillpages.com/mike.garbutt Take it easy, Mike

Why do we strive so hard in our brief lives for great possessions? Why do we change our country for climes warmed by a different sun? What exile from his fatherland ever escaped himself as well? Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65 - 8 B.C., poet)

Mike Garbutt with his son, Christopher, working under high containment conditions. Mike was one of the few Canadians qualified to instruct and train students and visiting scientists to work under level 4 containment conditions. You should note that this is probably the first photograph of the 'devil horns' in a level-4 lab anywhere in the world, lol.

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